B-12/20; Military emergency parachute systems
Mon., 08/04/2019


B-12; NSN 1670-00-805-9036 (PN 50C7024-19)
B-20; NSN 1670-00-805-9037 (PN 50C7024-20)

The B-12/20 emergency parachute assembly is a basic non-automatic back style parachute. The B-12/20 consists of a standard C-9 canopy, risers, pilot parachute assembly, cushion, harness and pack assembly (which incorporates a D-handle ripcord grip) and two PCU-4/P canopy releases.

The B-12/20 has an operational capability of less than 25,000 feet and 300 knots of air speed. The B-12/20 emergency parachute assembly is designed for use in non-ejection seat type aircraft, such as C-46, C-54, C-117, C-130, and H-21.

Following egress from the aircraft, the aircrew manually pulls the ripcord assembly to initiate canopy inflation.

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