VITAL PARACHUTE designs and manufactures life-saving system for parachuting.
The rescue parachute is developed for the use with para-gliders or hang-gliders. The first principle, constructing this chute, is to develop a rescue device with less deployment time, low sink rates and high loading capacity of the canopy. Because of the high shock loads during deployment only materials with high elasticity and stability were used.
vital parachute designs and manufactures life-saving system for parachuting.
vital parachute designs and manufactures life-saving system for parachuting.
  • RECSYS-21L; Light weight, 17.7-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-27L; Light weight, 19.8-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-33L; Light weight, 21.9-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-39L; Light weight, 23.9-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-48L; Light weight, 26.5-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-63L; Light weight, 30.3-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-30S; Standard weight, 21.3-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-36S; Standard weight, 23.4-foot diameter
  • RECSYS-43S; Standard weight, 25.2-foot diameter
  • CROSS-22L; Light weight, 16.0-foot diameter
  • CROSS-26L; Light weight, 17.3-foot diameter
  • CROSS-32L; Light weight, 19.0-foot diameter
  • CROSS-38L; Light weight, 20.9-foot diameter
  • CROSS-46L; Light weight, 23.0-foot diameter
  • CROSS-62L; Light weight, 26.5-foot diameter
  • CROSS-26S; Standard weight, 17.3-foot diameter
  • CROSS-32S; Standard weight, 19.0-foot diameter
  • CROSS-38S; Standard weight, 20.9-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-26L; Light weight, 17.2-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-32L; Light weight, 19.0-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-38L; Light weight, 20.9-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-45L; Light weight, 22.9-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-55L; Light weight, 25.3-foot diameter
  • OCTAGON-67L; Light weight, 28.0-foot diameter
All products are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards.
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