SKYPORTER-300; GPS-Guided Aerial Delivery System
Thu., 28/09/2017

VITAL PARACHUTEs SKYPORTER-300 is a fully autonomous GPS-guided aerial delivery system, released from an aircraft for delivering a cargo to the designated drop zone. Just like a paratrooper under the canopy, SKYPORTER-300 continuously reads winds, makes the required corrections and precisely transports cargo, equipment to hostile terrain by air asset while avoiding adversarys anti-aircraft artillery. The SKYPORTER can be used for both military precision and civilian disaster humanitarian relief by reducing cost and re-assuring accurate supply.

skyporter-300.jpg  skyporter-300_2.jpg

Features of SKYPORTER-300

 ▶ Increased Military Personnel Survivability 
 ▶ Suspended unmanned payloads up to 300 kg
 ▶ High Altitude Deployment 25,000 ft
 ▶ Offset/ Standoff Range 15 - 25 km or more given environmental conditions
 ▶ Increased Accuracy 25 - 100 m CEP (Circular Error Probable) 
 ▶ Efficiently steers its way automatically by adjusting the lines before the final landing

Primary components;

Ram-air parachute;
 ▶ Rip-stop nylon fabric canopy
 ▶ Max. deployment speed 130 KIAS
 ▶ Max. deployment altitude 25,000 ft. MSL


       AGU (Autonomous Guidance Unit);
        ▶ AGU (Autonomous Guidance Unit) mainframe of SKYPORTER
         ▶ GPS, a battery pack, and the guidance, navigation and control software package
        ▶ Built in pulley for precise steering of ram-air parachute
        ▶ Weigh only 21 kg

                  Mission planner;
                   ▶ Simulating missions before an actual airdrop
                    Inputting coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude, wind speed, wind direction, magnetic heading angle)
                    RF remote control